Getting research into practice

So How Do You Actually Do It?

All research endeavours harbour a wish to make a decisive breakthrough, a desire to find the key to the problem at hand. Vinnvård is no different in this respect. What might be different, however, could be the desire to really probe and surpass all obstacles that delay the possibilities for scientific research to impact on contemporary and future living conditions.

Vinnvård is all about discovering the incentives for implementing new research findings; to discover structures of management that support development and to uncover new processes that reduce the time it takes to implement research results.

Besides supporting the discovery of new knowledge in the twenty research projects that hitherto have received funding, there is an ambition to find pointers as to how we can shorten the distance between research and practice. Many of the people we have spoken to testify that this is indeed one of the big questions for all scientific research.

When the Vinnvård Research Program was established, ambitious objectives were set. Its purpose was – and still is – formulated as such:

The purpose is to support research projects that engage in research about, and improve the possibilities for, implementing and taking advantage of research results in everyday health and social care practice. In this respect, important instruments that are conducible to innovation are, for instance, the elaboration of systems of management, ways of organizing work, and forms of cooperation between health and social care, research institutions, and enterprises. The ambition is that Vinnvård contributes with research as well as tenable and instructive examples of how this can be achieved in practice.

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