Free webinar med Ross Baker - Where in the world is improvement science? (Fri 5 Oct, 3pm, UK)

Where in the world is improvement science?
Free webinar - Friday October 5th - 15:00 (UK time)

As part of the Health Foundation’s interest in developing improvement science, we wanted to find out about the current profile of this emerging field around the globe.

A collaborative research team from the University of Toronto and University College London undertook a virtual exploration to discover where the centres are and their main areas of study across patient safety, quality improvement and related topics, the core issues facing them, and the opportunities for future growth.

This webinar will present the results of this wide-ranging scan of research centres based in academic and healthcare institutions. While most are in Europe and North America – our desktop global search also took us further afield to review centres in Australasia and Asia. The team collected information on more than 80 centres and interviewed directors and other staff. Key findings and emerging issues will be presented.

The webinar will be presented by:

Professor Ross Baker, Professor of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, University of Toronto, Canada


Professor Naomi Fulop, Professor of Health Care Organisation and Management, Department of Applied Health Research, University College London, UK

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