International Forum on Quality & Safety in Healthcare

Den 16-19 april är det dags för International Forum on Quality & Safety in Healthcare i London.

The Forum aims to support and energise the movement for health and healthcare improvement. We welcome you to the 2013 Forum in London. Over four inspirational days, our ever-evolving Forum guarantees to:

  • Invigorate the mind
  • Embrace fresh ideas
  • Accelerate progress
  • Recognise individual accomplishments
  • Discover new pioneers and leaders
  • Build human global networks

Our Mission
The Forum has as its mission to support the movement for health care improvement. It aims to improve outcomes for patients and communities, provide practical ideas that can be implemented in the workplace, promote research into quality and safety improvement, foster effective innovation, and connect health care leaders and practitioners worldwide.

The main way that it meets these aims is through the annual Forum, a four day meeting that brings together a very international group of people (from chief executives and government officials to health care managers and clinicians) who share a concern and a passion for improving quality and safety in healthcare. The Forum brings together 3,000 attendees from over 85 countries to take part in sessions that ranged from the basic disciplines of quality improvement to the latest thinking in how to improve quality and safety.




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