Kick off med Vinnvård Fellows

Den 11 september kickade Vinnvård Fellows igång med ett lunchsamtal där 30 deltagare från hela landet lyssnade till professor Bill Lucas och professor Paul Batalden. Diskussionen bland borden var livlig och det framkom tydligt att satsningen på de fyra första Vinnvård Fellows är en angelägenhet för hela landet i skapandet av framtidens vård och omsorg.

Utdrag ur Pauls anförande:
"Thank you for taking your time to think together about the future ability to improve the quality, safety and value of health care in Sweden.
About 40-50 years ago, it became clear that manufacturing systems and organizations could improve the production of goods in some dramatic ways when they focused the whole organization on never-ending improvement. This effort required leaders who could identify and keep the focus on improvement. It required the creation of shared knowledge of the processes and systems of production. It flourished when internal organizational cultures of testing and redesign invited the curiosity and creativity of the workforce. People learned to use measurement for learning. Many sectors of our lives changed as a result of these insights and their application.
Some of us in health care became curious about these ways of work and began to wonder if there were lessons that might be learned that could be used in health and human services provision. We knew we had an enormous capacity for the development of new scientific knowledge about the biologic basis of disease, but we also knew we had real challenges in applying those insights in equitable and reliable ways for whole populations of people."

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Professor Bill Lucas

Bill talar om vikten av Improvement Science och att utveckla ledarskap och forskning inom området.